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Cordatus 05-07-2007 07:22 AM

Lyrics Forum Guidelines
  1. Constructive criticism - When responding to lyrics posted by members of the forum, you are expected to help the author to improve their work. Posts containing negative criticism with no advice on how to improve the original poster's lyrics will not be tolerated. Respond to each set of lyrics as you would want someone to respond to yours.
  2. Plagiarism - No form of plagiarism will be tolerated. You are allowed to post other people's lyrics for analysis, but you are not allowed to claim any part of someone else's work as your own. The first offense of this nature will warrant a warning. The second a 3 day forum-ban. The 3rd a 7 day forum-ban. Any subsequent infractions will be dealt with as they happen. For more information please review Plagiarism and Copyright.
  3. Lyric Discussion - The lyrics forum is not only a forum for posting your own lyrics. It is also a forum for discussion of other people's lyrics. Whether it is discussing a single song, a genre, or an artist, feel free to discuss it. Discussion, however, must stay on topic. This should be self explanatory, but it's better to make it official to avoid any sort of confusion. It's important to convey your thoughts in the clearest way possible, this means posting in clear and proper English in this case. Bad spelling and grammar is highly discouraged. This is a writing forum after all.
  4. Inappropriate Topics - Please report anything you deem inappropriate. Moderators will take care of such immediately.
Remember: the most important part of this forum is to share your work and help others. If you have any question, please message a staff member.

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All rules are subject to change.
Last updated: 11-5-07.

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