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Firefly 05-02-2011 08:34 AM

Prompt #40 - We Interrupt This Program (Original Prompt)
In light of the recent news, I was inspired to do a prompt about it . . . The news that is. Our new prompt is:

Give us a story based around a special news interruption.

You're watching some late-night television when they preempt it for an announcement. Are some UFO's landing on the White House lawn? Is the sun moving closer to Earth and in a matter of days will blow up the planet? Or are gas prices going down to a dollar a gallon?

Whatever the reason, give us an announcement!

* * *
No word limit, though shorter pieces tend to get more attention. Submissions should be made in new threads with #40 in the title of your thread (#40 - We Interrupt This Program . . .) Feel free to use your own title on any piece you write for this, though!

As always, comments and helpful advice in work posted are encouraged. Please post comments in their respective threads. You do not have to participate in the prompt in order to comment on work presented.

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