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MikeCobley 06-22-2018 02:21 AM

A warm welcome to all!


fleamailman 06-22-2018 05:37 AM

("...naah, it's we who do welcomes of you, while you're the one who is supposed to the intro of yourself here..." mentioned the goblin hoping MikeCobley was going to prove just how much his book was worth reading by returning to do an intro now, then adding "...welcome to writersbeat though, your post are your ambassadors, they show the reader the fluidity of your pen and your willingness to involve yourself with others here...", and with that the goblin was off to see who else had posted)

kellbooth 06-26-2018 11:31 PM

Hi to all! I'm also new here. I'm contenat writer at the best essay editing service by day and a blooger by night. If you would like to see my blog I can send you a link! Nice to meet you all!

Nick Pierce 06-27-2018 11:07 AM





Are these Welsh spellings of content and blogger ?

brianpatrick 06-27-2018 12:52 PM

Embedding links in your posts is a sure way to...

Nick Pierce 06-27-2018 02:23 PM


Originally Posted by brianpatrick (Post 745646)
Embedding links in your posts is a sure way to...

Tut, tut.
So quick to quip.
We don't know what that really indicates.

It could be a Welsh form of greeting.

They are quite a unique people over there (from what the Brits say).

Let's give the feller 24 hours to put us aright.

Fair enough?

spshane 06-27-2018 08:55 PM

Draig dw i

MikeCobley 06-28-2018 12:20 AM

Not entirely sure what's happened here, but why not ;-)

And as to goblins, can i be my own goblin? Like Mikey-the-goblin?


Nick Pierce 06-28-2018 02:04 AM


Originally Posted by spshane (Post 745651)
Draig dw i

I smell Red Dragon droppings.

Mohican 06-30-2018 09:06 PM


Originally Posted by Nick Pierce (Post 745644)
Are these Welsh spellings of content and blogger ?

Are you picking on the Welsh?

I resemble those remarks...

Nick Pierce 07-01-2018 03:36 AM


Originally Posted by Mohican (Post 745741)
Are you picking on the Welsh?

I resemble those remarks...

I once read that when the Romans occupied the island they built a stone wall bordering Wales. Then they adorned it with signage (on the non Welsh side) advising all Latin readers against going onto the other side as the people they would meet would be quite disagreeable.

These days I read that when the English street signs are left unattended in the area they are removed and replaced with ones that are in the native tongue.

I think of them as a people that resemble what would happen if the genes of Charles Bukowski and Frank Castle were spliced then carried to term by Ms. Boudica.

Mohican 07-10-2018 06:26 PM

And MikeCobley never came back

fleamailman 07-11-2018 03:20 AM

("...naah human you can be anything you like on this internet here..." smiled the goblin whose persona resembled that of a goblin then, then adding "...it's just that if you write in third person you soon find out that the reader wants that blanc filled there, where it's so boring to be exactly now one is in dailylife and where at best that too is merely a representation of oneself in so many words now...", in that way the goblin had met so many personas on the internet by now, smiling "...they don't come here for the truth, no they have that already as their dailylife, no they come here for fiction and all the possibilities that this virtual reality offers...")

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