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vianilambo 03-11-2015 07:12 AM

Calling Science Fiction Writers!
Good morning/afternoon/evening, whatever the case might be!

I'm looking for writers to contribute to an idea I had- a sort of fictional newspaper or news feed set in a science fiction world.

I think the most efficient method of getting this project going is to do it in a blog format of some kind, but details can be determined if I can get enough writers on board.

I'm looking for about three other writers and an editor, fitting into a few different categories for writing, then, if there are others interested, there are sub-categories I have also come up with. And feel free to pitch ideas out as well, I'd love to see where this could go, and I'll happily add more categories. People will be assigned to a category, but that won't mean you'll be limited to that area. I'll also likely collaborate with each category writer and contribute to all areas as well as managing the project as a whole, though I'm hoping that responsible writers and editors will make the management of the project fairly simple.

We'll have to determine what sort of alien races and governments we want to involve, natural phenomena, ongoing plots and stories and everything else, as well as how we are going to share our work with others.


Editor-in-Chief: Maximilian (vianilambo)
Editor: <open>

Entertainment: <open>
Military Conflicts: <open>
Science: <open>

Prospective writers, please complete the form here. It's not terribly long and will give me some idea of what you'd like to contribute.

Prospective editors, please complete the form here. It's also not too long.

Please note that I'll be contacting you via email in order to talk more specifically about the project, so supply a real email in your application.

The project will probably produce a set of articles once to twice a month, and each writer will be required to write two to three articles for each release. The editor and myself will assist with brainstorming, proofreading, etc, as well as managing the publication and production of the final product.

There will be no pay for this project- purely done for enjoyment and you will be free to leave the project at any time.

Please post questions, comments, concerns, etc. here!


romansblues 06-07-2015 08:20 PM

Concerning your idea call

We are a game company working towards a live release, fingers crossed within the next 12 months.

I saw your post and it sounds an interesting concept. The overall aim of our project is to have various writers, artists etc collaborating and posting stories etc to help captivate the fan base. Basically, providing an outlet to allow player input and fan contribution.

We already have the races, worlds, governing bodies etc which would allow for so much room for something like your project to work within and come on board our team.

If you carry on with the intention of getting your project up and running give me a holla. We have a concept artist on board already, some web and game programmers as well as a few writers.


jimr 06-08-2015 12:42 PM

I can't do charity work, sorry. I suggest you put a name to your project to generate more interest.
Good luck

Zion Goldilux 02-10-2016 04:49 PM

This is interesting.

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