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CharmedBooks 02-25-2016 07:42 PM

Charmed Books - Wearable advertisement/marketing tool
A little over a year ago I began making these Charmed Books. They are patterned off of a vintage, 1930s charm that I just loved. I wanted to collect more, but could not find any others so I decided to make them. Very surprisingly, it turned into a side business and I have been fortunate enough to create many for authors who are such fun to collaborate with.

Each charm features your book's cover art on it's "cover". The interior of the "book" can contain one long quote, 2 short quotes, or a quote and an illustration. They are entirely handmade and all findings are sourced from other small businesses in the USA.

Charmed Books are perfect on a necklace or a charm bracelet and are instant conversation starters. They have become a fantastic way for an author to naturally fall into a conversation about their work. They're a great promotional piece and also make fantastic gifts if you have a friend who has written a book.

Please, check out my Amazon page if you'd like to see some examples. They are also featured on Etsy, Bas Bleu, and are in select stores in California. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate. :)


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