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DoggedDavid 11-30-2017 07:46 PM

So Few Takers, So little time
First, I will have to concede that I ask a lot. I would love tips and advice on getting more of my stuff published.

So I must stress that I am ready, willing and extremely eager to help anyone who helps me.

The problem is very simple: I have a ton of stuff, but only a smattering of my stuff has been published. I write in many different genres.

A few of my essays have been published. One publisher, only one publisher (It was a magazine/newspaper), paid me.

I have several hundred pages of essays already written (521 pages semi finalized and 100 more or so that need work). They pertain to politics, sexuality, religion, draw connections between the natural sciences and philosophy, and encompass a bunch of other stuff as well.

I have hundreds of poems, one novel, memoir-like pieces, one play and other stuff that defies categorization, such as my "political recipes."

My writing has not been entirely ineffectual and unnoticed. I am an attorney and my legal briefs brought in the bacon.

I have so many questions about getting published. I am afraid that if I began to pose them the reader would groan with boredom or disgust.

If anyone wants to take a shot at my questions, please say so and I'll pose a question

fleamailman 12-01-2017 12:42 AM

("...duplicate thread, just proving you're an attorney as you say..." smiled the goblin remembering how he had welcomed DoggedDavid with the expectation of reading something by someone talented, then adding "...really I shouldn't help you though, not if you don't put it out there first, I mean people come here both to exhibit their works, and to read the works of others too, and thereby to learn from the mistakes of others, whereas I wouldn't be helping humanity at large if I were only helping you alone in private now, simply it's not fair on those who put themselves out there to be corrected, nor does it offer readers upon turning up here anything to read really, which they evidently do if one notes the hitcount to the threads, moreover it doesn't teach anyone bar yourself anything, well even if my corrections were worth it I mean, which they probably aren't though...", either way the goblin felt that someone expecting payment later by publishing their work, should first give payment to those who proofread for them, sighing "...those here get my attention...")

kev 12-01-2017 02:32 AM

Hi David. I'd like to read one of your poems If you care to post it in the poetry section, even if it's just out of curiosity, though I will leave a response to what I've read.

DoggedDavid 12-03-2017 06:00 PM

To Kev: I will post one or two or maybe several poems on the poetry section

To flea mailman: What's the reason for such bitterness and bile. I mean no harm.

DoggedDavid 12-03-2017 06:45 PM


I must correct what I just said.

I just posted several poems. However, I posted them in the Members only Section, not the poetry section.

I hope that is okay.

It was posted on December 3 at about 10:40 PM. In the subject line I believe I wrote "A Few Poems."

fleamailman 12-03-2017 09:27 PM

("...no malice meant, but if I don't nip this in the bud then where everyone then goes behind the scenes so to speak and the forum itself goes hungry of both possible content and of those corrections too...mentioned the goblin, adding "...naah, it wasn't so much something either towards or against you personally, you're anonymous to me for all your words, no more it was just me reminding myself of my allegiance to this forum here, where in your shoes I would PM folks with your request directly since that flatters your intended target even in the refusal, just saying, no offense meant...")

Grace Gabriel 12-04-2017 01:42 AM

My first and most compelling thought is that you would woefully disappoint me as a lover. (The mention of briefs prompted me to imagine you wearing nothing else.)

We have no pretence of foreplay here - no slow courtship of seducing me with the beauty of a carefully selected poem. No interest in who I am (as your reader) and not a hint of personality to make me curious to find out more about you. Rather, an urgent need which you feel can be metaphorically met by a hurried two minutes servicing you with my back against a cold wall - a personal sacrifice on my part without renumeration.

My point is, this is a community which offers a platform to showcase your work, your personality and your name.

David Hockney wouldn't turn up at Southeby's with a furniture van loaded with every canvas he flicked a brush across.

One painting - presented with conviction - sells for seven million. Unlikely to be marketed in the Southeby's catalogue as:

"not entirely ineffectual or unnoticed."

You need to be able to discern what constitutes your best work. This point can only be successfully arrived at by getting feedback from an audience. Currently, you have no sense of priority, value, audience, market placement or staging for what you have produced. Your expectation seems to be to pull a sheaf of papers out of a drawer and send them out to work for you.

As irritating as the news may be for a man with a raging hard-on and only three minutes of his lunch hour left - you need to build relationships.

If you believe everything you have written is worthy of publication, you are deluding yourself. If you anticipate holding back your best efforts to date purely for the eyes of a publisher - there will be nobody out there anticipating your book to hit the shelves. If you can't demonstrate to a publisher that there is an interest or appreciation for your craft, why would they take a gamble?

Writing is actually the easy part. The rest of the process can't be delivered any more quickly than my asking you to succinctly condense your law degree in a few snappy sentences.

Suggest you start by selecting one of your best poems and best essays. Post in the appropriate open section, where they'll get maximum exposure. Take the comments on board. Find out what works.....

Grace Gabriel 12-07-2017 01:37 AM

If you don't want to take the route of self-publishing, it would help to build up your publication credits.

Deal with your essays individually - submit to literary magazines, pertinent websites or mainstream press - whatever medium will present your work to your particular marketplace.

Your publishing credits elevate your status from an unknown - they endorse the commercial value of your work. Focus on getting individual pieces out there earning money and getting noticed. In the process, you'll understand who your readers are and where they wil look for you.

I know from your PM that my previous advice offended you (and for that, I'm genuinely sorry) yet I can only convey the same information as before. Publishers prefer some modicum of readership and market brand before you submit - either a successful blog you can point to - or a forum where your work and persona are well-received - or existing publications.

Use this site to your best advantage as a stage, editor and audience.

You need a small handful of select and proven work drawn out of the bulk of writing you have accumulated to get a publisher's attention. Use writing communities to discern what your best work is. Out of those several hundred pages of essays, a few might prove lucrative - others not at all. Keep streamlining until you're only spending time and attention on your best ambassadors.

DoggedDavid 12-07-2017 03:54 PM

Dear Gabriel,

I am quite sorry if I expressed distaste or unease at your prior criticisms. At times, I am a bit thin-skinned.

Some of my essays have been published in the past, and I can provide prospective agents and publishers with the web pages on which those essays appear. There's just one problem: My best piece, which earned money and went to a nationwide magazine, was done eons ago and precedes the intenet. Of course, I have photocopies of the material, but I can't send it via a web page.

I am not contending my essays are written in the king's english, or have delectable metaphors or slide along with insouciant and sagacious alliterations. Instead I think my essays, at times, offer ideas that are novel or overlooked. I hope I don't sound like a pretentious SOB, which I am.

I guess my roots as a pretentious SOB hark back to my viewing of the movie "A clockwork Orange." I am an American and like so many Americans I am easily seduced and enchanted by British accents. To we Americans even the pop group "The Hermin's Hermits" seemed urbane and edcucated. (A guy can be an utter dope but with the right English accent he is Wembly and Oxford and Byron and a house in the Country with Champers and Caviar all at the same time)

In any event, there is a scene in which the crusty and bitter old English intellectual, who had been beaten by Malcom MacDowel, bellows, "Oh, but the common people KNOW NOTHING. They would gladly sell liberty for safer streets. They must be led, they must be told what to do." With that royal rant, my fate as a pretentious Son of a Bitch was sealed.

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