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JMummey 05-22-2015 05:52 PM

Prompt #44 - The Year 3015 (part IV)
Chekka panics at the sight of her own blood and lets out a cry. A tear slides down her cheek as thoughts of impending doom overwhelm her. Catching a brief glimpse of something to her left, Chekka races behind a mound of white rocks and unfolds her pocket knife.

Again something large and white from the corner of her eye catches her attention. It is coming for her again but this time she is ready. It is silent and massive and descends quickly upon Chekka. It has a wide wingspan and large body. It is a beautiful white owl whose only hint of evil intent is shown by clumps of Chekka’s hair on its blood-splattered talons.

Chekka jumps high and thrusts the knife into its belly as the owl’s claws rake skin from her forearm. The blade goes in easy. The soft, warm wings collapse gently around her, giving her a sense of comfort and sorrow. The smell of pine is strong in its feathers as Chekka folds the dead bird down onto its back into the cool grass.

Now at its smallest, the bird is still huge. She stares at the owl for a few moments in disbelief and awe, wondering what prompted it to attack her and where it came from. She has not heard the call of an owl in years nor has she ever seen one this large.

Concerned she may be near the owl’s nest, Chekka looks up and scans the surrounding trees for its mate. She draws in a sharp breath at the haunting vision before her. Hundreds of small white owls are perched in the pine trees watching her. They glow in the moonlight like luminaries.

Too frightened to run or look away from the many sets of owl eyes now on her, Chekka slowly kneels down and grabs the dead owl’s feet. She drags the owl behind a large rock and contemplates her next move.

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