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Nick Pierce 02-06-2017 01:27 AM

got the Kickster
up on the trailer without dropping it
or hurting my body (needs a weld job done)

tied it down and test drove it around

tightened up the slack

finished with the oil hoses on the button

tried for a start

cranked down the battery

put it on the charger and saw the
front pipe hadn't been secured and the
rear drag pipe hadn't been swapped for the
front match

fixed that

fresh plugs

started 'er up and went for a shake down putt

returned home

put button in shed

backed Kickster trailer to block shed door

(oh yeah - I drove the car to the welder shop,
ain't been there in years - good idea to see if they
are still in business, and noted hours
7:00 to 5:30

rolled electric bike (that was gifted to
me unrunning) into the bike corral

that's enough for Sunday

tomorrow Donnie and I go back to our
day jobs

man, livin' in America is great

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