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Cwylldren 02-17-2015 04:58 AM

Mackenzie Phillips
(Introductory note: he isn’t a main character. But I don’t want him to just be a 2-D ‘jealous bloke’. So: help!)

Well. Name. Mackenzie Phillips. Brown eyes, blond hair, still got it all – yeah, all right, it’s thinning a bit, but I cut it short, so who’ll notice? Nobody’s business, anyhow. Guess I’m what you'd call “muscular” – I work out. Stocky. Not like some stick figures running around here.
I’m from Glasgow. You don’t hear it? Well, good. Yvonne – Headmistress Bennet – will be pleased. A bit on the vowels? Well. I’ve been south of the border for a while, now, ever since my divorce, bound to lose some of the accent. Bound to keep some, too. Good place, this. Glencose Academy for Gramarye, I’m an Enchantments teacher there. Show the little bleeders how it’s done, get them ready for the real world. No theorems or fancy node-sorcery here. Not only that, but Yvonne made me Housemaster for North Tower – it’s an awful lot of responsibility, but I think she’s happy with what I do. The kids are her priority, you know? No easy for them, so far from their families.

What does my family have to do-? Oh, all right. My dad and my uncle run a club, mum helps out. My sister married a storekeeper in some touristy village in the middle of nowhere, sells all sorts of souvenirs and junk. They live in a converted pigsty.
Since my divorce? Yeah, a girl or two. Nothing serious. Funny that, ‘cause I almost married one. The thing is… Well. Not much of a bloke to talk about feelings. But the thing is, Yvonne, she’s a great girl. I mean, I’ve always thought so. All right, I admit, I had a few doubts when she first came, she looks a bit, well, fluffy, I guess. But she’s a tough bird. Dab hand at spells and enchantments, practically an archmage. And, well, I always liked her well enough, but I’ve recently realized… There’s this bloke. Scott, of all the idiot names. John fecking Scott. Magical Theory teacher. Like a stick with a mouth. Won’t shut up. And the girls, they all eat out of his hand. Not Yvonne, she sees right through him, a troublemaker if I ever saw one, but even she’s not immune to his charm. You can see she’s laughing even when she scolds him. And him – I don’t know. He can’t shut up about her. It’s always: Bennet this, and Bennet that. Piece of shite. As if he were worthy even of licking her boots. And I realized – ah, bloody hell. It doesn’t matter.

max crash 02-17-2015 06:41 AM

I've always approached these spots as a way to let you get your character, in your own mind, after all you're the one who knows his potential.

But, I don't know how to start that process with this character.

at this point he is very weak willed, he whines and I just don't know where he is headed in your story. Yvonne has him enthralled. and Stott, well in many ways, he wishes he was Scott.

it's like you're writing a comic relief.

Is that where you were headed????


Mr. Philipps what are you going to do about my perception of your being?


Cwylldren 02-17-2015 07:54 AM

(yeah, my problem exactly. What are we going to do about poor Phillips, to make him more than a moody grump slinking in the shadows and making snarky remarks?)

You think I'm sitting around whining all day? You think I'm funny?
You don't know much about me, do you? All right, ask away, and you'll see. Comic relief, my arse! I'm not the clown with a sly remark always on the tip of my tongue, am I? Think I got through college being weak-willed? Does it look like many of my family made it to Uni? No, they wanted me to settle down, stay in Glasgow, mind the club with them. I wanted more. Always loved kids, so I decided to teach. How's that, Mr. Weak-willed?

max crash 02-17-2015 12:36 PM

ok, the club, his parents run in Glasgow may be your out.

what kind of club is it, on a scale of 1-10 what kind of club is it---

one being need a tie to get inside and fifty buts to tip the doorman---


ten being the bar tender can set you up with a girl up stairs and a gram of cocaine can be bought on the way through the gambling den as you make your way to the room your 'date' is in.

experiences in the club as he grew-up could put a whole new layer to the personality or 'lack there of' to the onion that is our Mr. (Doctor) Phillips. These layers could take the form of being able to pick a lock, or being able to drink gallons of alcohol before he turns into some extreme version of Mr. HYDE.

I think Mr. Phillips could benefit from a dark side that comes out unexpectedly and maybe he doesn't remember anything that happens when he is on the dark side.

it doesn't have to be Mr. Hyde. it could be he's heavy into sneaking our at night and tagging (painting graffiti on sides of) buildings.

but he must have something else going for him besides Yvonne to make him more than two dimensional.

just my opinion,


Cwylldren 02-17-2015 09:43 PM

Yeah, hi, Max. Sorry I blew up your face there. A bit of a short fuse sometimes. Probably from helping out at the club as a teenager - all that alpha male posturing. That's one thing that bugs me about Scott. He doesn't react the way you'd expect - push back or back down. He teases and laughs instead. Never seems to take anything seriously.
Don't think I'm like that with the kids. Funny that. Always had patience with kids, not so much with adults. Maybe 'cause I had about a dozen cousins growing up.

The club is, on your scale, a four or five I guess. A place you can dance and have some drinks in. No particular dress code. Bouncers for the rowdies, not the dorks. We try to keep the bathrooms clean. No drugs. Still, you can't be too soft in a place like that. I wasn't a bouncer or anything, but you still end up having to deal with aggressive customers. Learn not to show weakness. Guess that's why I'm crap at talking about feelings.

Tagging? Are ye daft? I'm a teacher, for God's sake. Fine example I'd be for the lads. If you want a bad boy image, I like vintage motorcycles. I have a Panther Model 100 and am saving up for another bike, don't know which, yet. I even have a tattoo of a flaming Royal Enfield Bullet on my left biceps. I'm also a dab hand at darts. Maybe I could be a vigilante by night, call myself the "Brown Dart"? Daft.

I've been thinking about what you said before. Weak-willed. (Pffft!) Ye see, the whole thing with Yvonne kinda took me by surprise. Sally and I have been friend for several years, if ever I expected something, it was from that quarter. It's just this: the way Scott talks about Yvonne, the way he looks at her, it hit me. Bit embarassing, actually. I'm a bit cautious, though. Right after my divorce, I dove into relationships headfirst. Almost married a girl on general principle, before realizing it could only end in tears. So, no rushing in where angels fear to tread and all that shite.

And Scott - what kind of daft bugger would want to be him? Over six feet of practically nothing; God, that man turns sideways he goes invisible. Sure. I'll admit it, I wouldn't mind having his easy manners, sometimes. I know I'm hard to get to know. But that's the thing, see. He doesn't compute. He talks and talks about how he grew up in Scotland, but his speech is peppered with French (at least, I think it's French). There's something funny with his leg, and not just from that fall on Hallowe'en, but he's never been to Nurse Jacobs that I can tell. And his rating. He's got this poncey wand-case, in silver and all. What idiot keeps his wand in a wand-case rather than in this pocket or a holster? So, you figure he's not that powerful. Can't do much anyhow, no reason to have your wand at hand all the time. But some of the magic he does - I don't know.
And then there's young Turleigh. Good kid. History and Geography professor. Been through a lot. Previous teacher let him down, and now I see Scott kinda, I don't know, taking him under his wing or some bullshit like that. What if he lets him down? The kid deserves someone who takes him seriously, and I don't know if Scott is capable of taking anything seriously.

max crash 02-18-2015 07:24 AM

it seems to me that Mr. Phillips has grown a third dimension just in the day or two you have thought about him.

I think you may be finding yourself Mac, (although I think Phil would be a better choice of the new you) it looks good on ya, and I can see you as the co-star of this story - maybe even as the detective that unmask Scott for what he is --- or isn't.

Cwylldren, you may have to rein Phil in or --- well rewrites are a bitch.


Cwylldren 02-20-2015 12:12 AM

Er-thanks? Anytime, mate, I'll stand you one.

(Thanks for helping me out, Max! I always meant for him to be the one to (try) and get to the bottom of Scott, but that was his sole purpose in life so far. So thanks for helping me introduce Mackenzie to motorcycles and darts, and discover his friendship with Sally. Now I just have to actually write dialogue for him that is more than simply grumpy and whiny. :D )

agentthundercat 04-14-2015 10:46 AM

I felt like while he was giving this speech he was sort of swinging his arms around and staring in any direction but at the person he was talking to. Felt like he was giving an introduction for a Harvard entrance video. It was good you get the view he's conveying on himself over the surface but still deep enough to view the cracks.

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