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Winterbite 11-01-2009 02:35 PM

The New Media Forum
In a bid to stay with the pace of our rapidly changing times, Writer's Beat has installed a "New Media" forum. This is a place for you to discuss the new, non-traditional methods of publishing that are being increasingly encountered on the web, such as e-books, blogs and blog novels, podcasts, and other means of inflicting your words on an unuspecting public! All actual writing stays in the other forums--this place is more focused on the medium you're using to get your writing out there.


RonPrice 11-03-2009 04:18 PM

Looks useful
Looks useful...Ron Price, Tasmania

Xanthia 11-05-2009 05:59 AM

I am new to this and I didn;t really publish anything, I am just in the beginning. So I do have an explanation for the blogs and e-books. When nobody knows you, you wish to know people's opinions on your writing, so you make a blog. That way, based on most of the comments, you know wether there is something in you or not. I for example did make a blog with the beginning of a novel and I would like to know if anyone finds it interesting and if I should continue writing it or not. However, being a new, unknown blog, there are no comments. I have no idea how to do this...

Winterbite 11-05-2009 06:15 AM

Well, that's what our "Write Here" forums are for! Put up your writing--and perhaps offer helpful comments to a few other writers--and you'll probably get some opinions :) Or you could post a link to your blog in this forum and get advice on the blog itself.

Xanthia 11-05-2009 06:24 AM

I was unsure if posting links to our blogs was permitted, so thank you for the info, it would have taken me quite a long while to go through the whole forum :)

So here is one of them:

Thank you!

kimba 01-01-2010 03:05 PM

Well, I'm not sure if this classifies but I upload the podcast of radio plays online for people to listen and download. I'm yet to decide if I want to publish the manuscripts I've written to the podcast though ...

RonPrice 01-01-2010 03:33 PM

A Summary Of My Internet Publishing

I have outlined below(in 1600 words and four A-4 font 14 pages) several categories of my writing and my writing projects of varying sizes, genres and subjects on the internet. Readers can gradually get into whatever categories of my work they desire, if at any time they do in fact desire to read my works over the next few days, weeks, months, years or decades. The following items went onto the internet in the period 2001-2010. The following outline is a presentation of what might be called my marketing strategy, my literary strategy or my internet strategy, a strategy given the limitations of my technical internet skills. One might refer to my current modus operandi, my MO as the who-dun-it enthusiasts call it, as my business plan, although such a term suggests a more professional and money-oriented approach than it really is. In some ways what I write below is an outline of this small business, how I operate, how I have built it up, its raison d’etre and where it seems to be going if, indeed, it is going anywhere at all—and I know it is, at least from my own perspective. The critical core of that perspective is to get readers and not to make money.

Most of my writing is free of any cost, although some of the self-publishing material costs anywhere from $3 to $20 at self-publishing sites like Lulu and eBook Mall. I mention this fact: (a) not to advertise and (b) not to try and sell my work. I have received 20 cents/annum in royalties since I began self-publishing in 2003. At this rate wealth will obviously elude me. Twenty cents will only buy me a small handful of that penny-candy I bought at the corner-store as a kid back in the 1950s. Fame will also elude me as it eludes most writers except among a coterie so small as hardly to rate a mention.

There are three general categories of printed matter, my own writing, that I have placed on the world wide web. These categories are:

1. Books:

1.1. The Emergence of a Baha’i Consciousness in World Literature: The Poetry of Roger White. This 300 page ebook is available at Baha’i Library Online and parts of it can be accessed at many places on the internet.
1.2. A paperback edition of the above book is available at Lulu.com for $11.48 plus shipping costs from the USA. This self-publishing site also has a five volume, four book, work, a study in autobiography, entitled Pioneering Over Four Epochs which is 2600 pages long(four 650 page books). Much of this is available as an ebook and in paperback for $10 to $20 per volume at Lulu.com in 2010. It has been reviewed/approved by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the United States for placing on the internet. The cost of these books is set by Lulu.com.
1.3 My internet site entitled Pioneering Over Four Epochs has some 450,000 words and 30,000 pages and is a book unto itself. This is an equivalent of 6 books at 75,000 words per book.

2. Internet Site Postings:

Essays, poems, parts of my autobiography/memoir and a wide variety of postings/writings in smaller, more manageable, chunks of a paragraph to a few pages are all free and can be accessed by simply: (a) going to any one of approximately 4000 sites and (b) typing some specific words into the Google search engine as indicated in the following:

2.1 Approximately 4000 Sites:

I post at a wide range of poetry, literature, social science and humanities sites across a diverse mix of subjects, topics and intellectual disciplines in both popular and academic culture. The list of over 100 pages of these sites and a developmental outline of the process/the timeframe by/in which these sites were acquired is available to anyone interested by writing to me at: ronprice9@gmail.com. But a simpler method for readers to access many of my postings would be to:

2.2 Type Sets of Words At Google:

There are literally hundreds of sets of words now that will access my writing at various sites. If you type, for example, Ron Price, followed by any one of the following words or word sequences: (i) poetry, (ii) literature, (iii) religion, (iv) Baha’i, (v) history, (vi) Shakespeare, (vii) ancient history, (viii) philosophy, (ix) Islam, (x) Australia Baha’i and (xi) pioneering over four epochs, et cetera, et cetera, you will get anywhere from a few sites to over 150 sites arranged in blocks of ten internet locations. This last site, “pioneering over four epochs”, is a particularly fertile set of words to type into the google search engine, although there are many other sets of phrases that will yield a fertile list of my writings in prose and/or poetry.

The main problem with accessing what I have written(section 2.2) in the many googling processes is that my name is mixed up with other people who have the same name. I have counted over 2000 people who have the same name among the 280 million internet sites that now exist. My work is side by side with the items of other writers and posters who have the same name as mine and/or write on the same topic. As I say I have counted over 2000 other Ron Prices and they are listed at sites like: How Many of Me.com and ZoomInfo Business People. You may find their work more interesting than mine! There are some other writers and poets, one or two wife bashers, a couple of pornographers, car salesmen, evangelists, media celebrities, indeed, a fascinating array of chaps and chapesses who have different things to sell and advertise, different life-trajectories and claims-to-fame than my life and my offerings. If you type/google the words Ron Price followed by some topic/word of an academic, literary, poetic or subject of personal interest, you will: (a) eliminate some of the other Ron Price’s and (b) have access many sites with my writing.

3. Specific Sites With Much Material:

Some sites have hundreds of pages of my writing and these sites are a sort of middle ground, a different ground, between the two major categories I have outlined above. The Baha’i Academics Resource Library(BARL) or Baha’i Library Online, for example, has more of my material than at any other site. My writings are listed there under: (a) books, (b) personal letters, (c) poetry, (d) biographies and (e) essays, among other categories/listings. The Roger White book is at BARL under “Secondary Resource Material>Books>Item #changes. I find this site useful personally, but some of the poetry is not arranged in as visually pleasing a form as is often found at many other internet sites. Readers should click on “By author” at the top of the access page, then type “Price” into the box and 46 articles/documents will appear/be accessible.

There are some sites at which my writing is found in a very pleasing form with photos and pictures and general settings to catch the eye. Some site organizers have their location beautifully arranged. I leave it to readers to read what pleases them and leave out what doesn’t. When one posts as much as I do on the internet, one often writes too much, says the wrong things or upsets an applecart or two. It's part of the process. In cyberspace, as in the real world, you can't win them all. The pioneering over four epochs word sequence is, as I’ve said, a useful word package to access some 150 sites with my writing and has no competition from other ‘Ron Prices.’

Concluding Comments:

I had no idea when I retired from full-time employment in 1999, from PT employment in 2001 and from much volunteer work in 2005, to write full-time that the internet would be as useful a system, a resource, a base, for my offerings as it has become. There are literally millions of my words in many a genre now on this international web of words that I have written in the last ten years(2001-2010). From the early eighties to the early years of this new millennium I tried to get published in a hard or soft cover, but without any success.

My guess is that in the years ahead the world will be awash with books and various genres of printed matter from millions of people like me posting various quantities of their writing. In some ways the world is already awash with print as it is awash with audio-visual products. The print and electronic media have got something for everyone these days, probably more than most people can assimilate.

What I write will not be the cup-of-tea of all readers. This goes without saying. If that is the case readers are simply advised to drink someone else’s tea from someone else’s cup. There is something for everyone these days in both hard and soft cover and on the Internet. If readers don’t like my work or someone else’s they can go to sources of printed matter they like. For those who already do enjoy my writing or may in the future come to enjoy my work, I hope the above is a useful outline/overview. For those who don't find what I write attractive to their taste, as I say, the above will give you a simple handle to use to avoid as you travel the net. I wish you all well in your own endeavours in the path of writing or whatever path your travel down.

Ron Price
George Town
Tasmania Australia
Updated: 1 January 2010

Winterbite 01-01-2010 04:00 PM


Originally Posted by kimba (Post 266902)
Well, I'm not sure if this classifies but I upload the podcast of radio plays online for people to listen and download. I'm yet to decide if I want to publish the manuscripts I've written to the podcast though ...

Sure, it qualifies. You produce the podcasts yourself?

kimba 01-01-2010 08:31 PM

Yup. They are recorded by someone else but produced, written, directed and edited by me. :)

Winterbite 01-02-2010 08:25 AM

Feel free to put 'em up, then--I don't have much expertise in that area myself, but I know there are some people involved in that kind of thing around here!

kimba 01-02-2010 12:35 PM

I thought no advertising was allowed? :confused: Perhaps that statement could be clarified ...

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