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Checker 09-09-2015 06:06 AM

In the year 3015
A/N Oh boy, I ain't no good at Sci-Fi. This'll be interesting.

The third century AD saw the end of the golden age of Earth.

In the 2300s, the European Union fell, climaxing with the Third Trans-European Conference in 2376. The rampant desire for self-rule outweighed the few voices of reason concerned with political survival. The fall of one of the greatest political alliances known to the human race had its toll, and only began to recover when it was far too late.

With the virtual absence of their European handlers, Chancellor Kvashnin of Russia started a campaign of reacquisition of former Soviet lands, spreading from the Balkans to Tajikistan, to the frigid outskirts of East Siberia. This was part of a process that continued well into the 2400s.

Though vocal in their protests, the American Conglomerate (a nickname for Canada, the United States, and various South American nations made official in 2523) had little to do to stop them. Threats of war fell upon deaf ears, as it was known that open warfare would lead to a destruction unimaginable, and any trade barriers would be unacceptable.

The Jordinian Republic, a nation that emerged through "popular consent" (UN backing) that encompassed 90% of the Middle East, was once again torn apart by proxy warfare between the old Global Powers. The shining beacon of humanitarian hope - once a global hotspot for tourism, trade, and religious pilgrimage - was quickly turned into the hate-fueled warzone that it had been nearly 500 years before.

The same fate befell South Africa, one of the biggest oil-producing nations of the era.

Global tensions escalated. A technological race developed. The goal: Elimination of the possibility of a second strike if global warfare were to occur. The facade: To begin an era of interstellar travel.

In 2670, the American Conglomerate publicly announced the plans to create the first interstellar vehicle - using antimatter (a technique deemed inefficient and impractical in the past) as propulsion. The few that realized the implications of this were quickly drowned out by the fanatical cries of blind patriotism and an all too human dream of interstellar expansion.

The first photon bomb dropped on on the Germanic Republic - one of the more successful states to leave the European Union - on August 13, 2704 - a day marked in black throughout the remainder of human history. The cause? A show of military and technological strength by the Russian Federation, and a warning to shake the world - a warning that meant not just death, but complete obliteration

more to come. out of time

poirot 09-12-2015 07:39 AM

I've been waiting to see what others make of this, but no one has posted anything.

I'm not quite sure what you are looking for? Do you want a short story based in the world you described?

poirot 09-12-2015 07:46 AM

Ah! I saw the links to related threads at the bottom and followed one.

This is in response to I-Gypsy-Queen's challenge. You forgot to put the #44 in the title.

An interesting guess about what life will be like in a thousand years. Good luck with it!

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