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Simple Rules

Welcome to Writer's Beat
Welcome to writersbeat.com!

Because we want you to make the most of your time at writersbeat.com, we've put together this page of helpful tips and information for you. Take your time and read the instructions carefully. We have tried to make sure that each area of the site is as friendly as possible to navigate.


In order to post a question and participate in discussions on our message boards, you must register with Writer's Beat. You will receive an email for address confirmation. Register to participate.

Introduce Yourself

You need to create a thread in the Introductions Forum before being able to post anywhere else on the web site. Just take a minute to introduce yourself, and let the membership know you're here!

Once you have introduced yourself, you can post comments in threads throughout the forum, but you will not be able to create a new thread until you have reached a total of five posts; and you will not be able to post links or images until you have reached a total of ten posts.

User Control Panel

Your User Control Panel (User CP) gives you the opportunity to edit, alter, and configure your membership at writersbeat.com.

If you would like to be notified when someone replies to your post, you can "subscribe to thread" which is at the top of each post or you can "edit options" in your profile to receive email notifications of replies.

You can also update your bio, and lots more! Check it out.

Categorize Your Interests

The message boards are organized by topics: Writer's Cafe, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, etc. Click on the Forum of your topic category.

To post a new message (thread), click on a forum category of your choice (e.g.: Writing Help) and click on New Thread.

Follow the simple instructions to post your questions or comments.

If you would like to reply to a thread after reading it, click on New Reply or use the QUICK REPLY box at the bottom of the page.

Need more information? We've provided the Writer's Beat "Contact Us" at the bottom of every page. Use this form when you need additional help that is not answered in the FAQ.

Site Rules and Guidelines
Every website needs its guidelines

Writer's Beat is a community of writers for writers. This means we are aware that writing not only includes a wide variety of genres, but also a wide range of opinions and ways for writers to express themselves, and we like to be as tolerant as we can to all these differences.

Having said that, however, we also believe that for the benefit of all who belong to this community, there should be some basic rules that ensure the smooth running of the board, and a hassle and harassment-free environment for the members. These rules are strictly enforced when necessary. They also serve as guidelines for arbitration should conflicts between members occur.

In practical application, we won't ban anyone outright for their first violation of a rule; instead, a first violation will usually be followed up with a warning from a moderator and possibly a request for clarification. Repeated violations or more serious ones will lead to a temporary ban, and chronic abuse to the rules and the website as a whole will lead to a permanent site-wide ban.

Please read the entire Writer's Beat Rules and Guidelines specified below so that you will be able to enjoy your membership knowing what is allowed and what is not.

You will find these rules below. Please note that rules are subject to change as needed.


Signatures and forum handles can not contain obscene or otherwise unsuitable material. Signatures must be limited to four lines. No excessive font use (like a million colors or 4-point fonts, etc). They may contain images, but those may not be animated. Likewise, avatars should be still images.[The only people permitted animations in signatures and avatars are staff; it's a small perq in recognition of the time and energy they volunteer to the site.] Signatures of images and text combined may not exceed 4 lines in height.

Links to your work elsewhere are permitted in signatures and posts providing they are links to your personal website or blog. Please do not post links to your work on other websites. If you wish to share that work with us, create a new thread and post it, but links to other writing websites will be deleted.

Do not spam. Pick the most appropriate forum and post your thread there. Do not put the same (or slightly altered) post in each and every forum on the board. If you are not sure which forum is most appropriate, feel free to ask a staff member, or post in a forum you feel is closest to what you are looking for. If you feel there is no forum your post would fit in, please suggest one in the Members' Feedback forum.

Multiple accounts are not permitted. Do not sign up for more than one account, or it will be deleted. If you share your computer with a roommate or partner, please inform us if they also wish to open an account at Writer's Beat to avoid the deletion of that account.

No schoolwork, no exceptions. Do not post school essays and such in the expectation that we will correct your errors and help you achieve a good grade because you will only be disappointed. In fact, any post that solicits help for schoolwork will be deleted and the member issued with a warning.

No back seat modding. Writer’s Beat has a small, but vigilant staff of moderators who monitor the boards to ensure there are no problems. When we notice something amiss, we act swiftly, often discretely, in line with our policy of keeping discipline private. So it may sometimes appear that staff have not responded to a problem, when in fact, we are handling matters behind the scenes.

This is not to say that we do not welcome members alerting us to potential problems. We do. But if you spot something you think should be brought to the attention of staff, either send a PM to a staff member, or use the Report Post button (the small green box in the upper right-hand corner). This will alert the staff who can then deal with the issue.

Please do not take it upon yourself to scold other members, or to warn them about their behaviour. Doing so will only earn you a warning for your troubles.

Advertising of markets or services is permitted only in the designated areas listed in The Billboard - and must be related to writing. Non-writing related advertisements are not accepted on Writer's Beat. Personal websites or published material may be advertised in signatures, but please do not post anything that's plain advertising. If you want to advertise something, and are uncertain about whether it is acceptable or not, please contact one of the staff members and your request will be considered.

We implement a zero tolerance policy on links to warez, warez sites, or sites with pornographic or otherwise objectionable and/or illegal content. Posting such links will result in a ban.


If rules are comparable to laws, then guidelines might be comparable to manners: they aren't as fixed as laws and usually aren't as strictly enforced. However, keeping them in mind makes for a more pleasant atmosphere on the website. Conversely, disregarding them is likely to make a person unpopular. Unrepentant, perpetual, obnoxious behaviour can still get someone banned even if, in the literal sense, no rule was violated.

Note: We will edit or remove posts that don't comply with the site's guidelines.

Below are the Beat's guidelines:

Participate. Make good content posts. In particular, take the time to critique other members' contributions and do so properly (See Critiquing Guidelines to learn how).

No "elite" or Chat Speak. We don't want to see a sentence composed solely of chat abbreviations, like "rofl 0mfg lyk tht shyt was tyte." It's okay to write a sentence and end it with "lol" or something like that, but excessive use will be edited and/or removed.

No Caps Lock. Caps are considered shouting online and we consider shouting at others impolite. Please do not post messages with the subject or post all in capital letters, or your message will be deleted.

Quoting is encouraged, but please don't quote 5 paragraphs and reply with one line. Quote enough material to show what you are replying to.

Please do not post simply for the sake of posting, just to drive your post count up. We realize that at times very short posts and one-liners are appropriate, but in general, we discourage those. Please use good judgement.

Please refrain from multiple/serial posting. Replying to one thread requires only one post at a time. If you forget to say something in that first post, the edit button on the lower right-hand corner of each post you make allows you to change it and add the information. Making two or more posts in a row is unnecessary and a bit cluttering. Common-sense exceptions do apply, but please remember to practice judicious posting!

Don't Bump Threads. Sometimes, your thread won't get the attention you hoped it would. Don't be tempted to make a post to the same thread just to "bump" it up to the top of the forum—if no one responded to the content you posted the first time around, they're not likely to respond to that same information now.

The secret to getting a response to posted work is to ensure that your post is properly formatted and spell checked. If you posted a query and haven't had any replies, try rephrasing the question, or fleshing it out to see if that works. If it was a general conversational post, then adding new information may well encourage participation. So by all means edit your original post, but do not reply in your own thread for the purpose of "bumping".

Similarly, don't be a thread necromancer. It's all right to read through old critique threads, but posting a new comment in a months-old thread serves no real purpose. The original poster will likely have revised and moved on, and there is always new work up for critique. Use your own judgement on reviving non-critique threads; if the topic you're looking at was contentious or went off topic but you really wish to discuss it, consider posting a new thread to initiate a fresh conversation with active members.

Don't Reply to Spam Posts. No one likes spam. The best way to deal with posts that you believe are spam is to report them. Use the report post button to bring the post to the attention of our friendly moderators, who will handle it at their first opportunity.

Don't Discuss Politics or Religion Except at The Intellectual Table. So that's why those politically charged holiday-family-lunches always end in a brawl! Politics and religion don't make for happy chatting around the dinner table or the Writer's Beat Forums. In fact, they have nothing to do with writing. Discussions that are political or religious in nature will only lead to angry posts, flame wars, and tears before bedtime, so we restrict these kinds of discussions from most places in an effort to keep the peace.

The Intellectual Table has its own guidelines here. Please review them before posting, and abide by them during discussions there.

Welcome Newcomers. One of the reasons why Writer's Beat is special is that we welcome all newcomers, regardless of their level of knowledge or experience. We've all been newbies at some point, so each of us knows how valuable it can be to receive a few words of encouragement from others. Help new members learn how to find information and resources, and encourage them to get involved in the community.

Behaviour Policy
By joining our community, you agree to abide by certain rules we set forth concerning member behaviour. These rules are intended to protect members and your adherence is cordially requested. Having said that, any infringement of the rules will be dealt with by the Administrators as they see fit.

The purpose of these rules is to ensure that all members are treated respectfully, and that no one is subjected to language or treatment they find objectionable. If you have issues with any of these rules, please contact the Site Administrators to plead your case.

Thank you.


Writer’s Beat is a broad community with members covering a range of ages and sensibilities. This means that some posts may contain material that is not suitable or appreciated by other members. In order to minimise any offence we request that all posted work with potentially offensive material carry a Disclaimer or Warning.

Disclaimers or Warnings should be visible in the title of the work, and will be assigned according to the following classifications:

Swearing: Excessive swearing or bad language

Violence: Excessive violence, that is, anything that could be deemed graphic or gratuitous

Adult Material: We recognise that not all sexual content infers graphic detail, but if your work contains visual imagery that might offend, or is not necessarily suitable to all, please label it accordingly. Similarly, if your work contains hard-core drug use, it is best to post it with an Adult warning.

All graphic material must be posted in the Adult Content forum. If you do not have access to this forum (ie are under 18) you should not be posting graphic material.


Here at Writer’s Beat, we do not baulk at moderate swearing in posted work or comments, but excessive or severe swearing will be edited, and can lead to a warning from the staff concerning the use of bad language.

Swearing in titles, however, is not permitted at any time. If your title contains a swear word, please substitute the word, fully or partially, with asterisks.


Abusive behaviour directed at another member will not be tolerated. So that there is no misunderstanding, our interpretation of abusive behaviour includes any and all personal insults, whether delivered by means of a post on the public forums, through a private message, or even through emails or instant messaging services (if the member’s details have been acquired through our web site).

Instances of abuse will incur an Official Warning. This means the member in question is being actively monitored by staff. If the member behaves within forum guidelines for a reasonable period afterwards, monitoring will cease. However, should they misbehave again they will receive an Infraction. This will result in an immediate ban, the term of which will depend on the seriousness of the infraction.

Infraction System

Inapporpriate behaviour will be dealt with through our infraction system, which will operate on a three-strikes-and-you’re-out basis. This means that a third infraction will result in an automatic lifetime ban from the web site although, depending on the severity of the infraction at any time, a permanent ban may be issued at the Administrator’s discretion.

As a general rule, however, bans will run as follows:

* Strike 1 a 10-day ban
* Strike 2 a 1-month ban
* Strike 3 a permanent ban


The role of the moderators is to ensure that forum rules and guidelines are complied with, and that all members are being treated fairly. If a moderator comes across an example of bad behaviour, the issue will be dealt with privately, through Private Messages, and not on the public forums.

Conversely, it should be accepted that moderators are acting with the approval of Administration, but if a member feels they have been singled out unfairly, they should contact the Administrator(s) immediately. All complaints will be dealt with swiftly and scrupulously.


If you have a complaint about another member, please send a Private Message to any of the staff members for assistance. Do not openly argue with that member on the forums as you could both wind up with Warnings and/or Infractions. Remember that by responding to abusive comments you risk starting a flame war, which benefits no one.

If you see a user doing something that disagrees with this behaviour policy, it's best to report the offending post(s) by using the report post button. (It is the second icon from the left, on the top-left corner of a post. 'Report Post' is displayed on cursor hover.)

Disclaimers & Legal Bits

Writer's Beat provides its members with a forum on which to present their works and share their ideas. However, both rights to and responsibility for the content of a post remains with the poster. Writer's Beat is not responsible for the content.

Writer's Beat retains the right to edit or remove content that is deemed illegal or otherwise inappropriate. In such a case, a notice of editing will be added to the post; if a post was deleted, the notice of that act will replace the original text.

Writer's Beat remains the sole judge of what is or is not appropriate material to post on this forum. However, if you feel that a post of yours has been treated unfairly, please contact one of the moderators for clarification and, hopefully, a solution to the matter.

Plagiarism and Copyright

Plagiarism is defined as the unauthorised use and representation of someone else’s words or ideas as your own. It is a criminal offence and punishable by law.

Copyright infringement is the unauthorised use of someone else’s copyrighted material in violation of the copyright holder’s rights, which are enshrined in law.

At Writer’s Beat, we take the matter of plagiarism seriously and, while we will not take legal action, anyone discovered to be guilty will be banned immediately. Copyright infringement is also a punishable offence – so you have been warned.

There is a great deal of information available, at no cost, over the internet about copyright.

For further information on US copyright law, try looking here.

For further information on UK copyright law, try looking here.
For further information on Australian copyright law, try looking here.

For other countries, try a google search on ‘copyright law’ followed by your country name.


Writer's Beat respects the privacy of its users. No member of the moderation team will ever approach a user with the request for private information, regardless whether it's for online or offline matters, including but not limited to such items as password, address, telephone number and so on. Should anyone, at any time at all, approach you under the guise of a moderator or administrator to request such information, please contact the administrator(s) of the board immediately.

While Writer's Beat does not in any way accept responsibility for its users' behaviour while interacting with one another, we still encourage you to bring any inappropriate behaviour by another member to the moderators' attention. Keep a sense of proportion, though, and do not complain about minor issues that you might find personally annoying, but do not constitute a violation of what would generally be considered acceptable behaviour.

In such cases as outlined above, please provide any and all information you have related to the incident. Also, please bring issues of that kind to the attention of the appropriate person(s) privately, though PM or e-mail, not by posting about it on the forum. For the protection of all involved, any such posts will be deleted.

Lastly, Writer's Beat does not accept responsibility for any inconveniences or damages that may possibly result to a user caused by their own negligence or irresponsibility. To avoid any such possibility we strongly recommend that you do not share any private information with any person you do not really, or only casually, know. If you share any such information with someone, make sure it is someone you know reasonably well and can trust. Protecting your privacy is first and foremost your own responsibility. Be smart about it.

Critiquing Guidelines
A critique, in its most basic form, is a fair and balanced critical review that helps a writer improve upon his work. A good critique does not have to be long or especially detailed to be helpful, though a mere “Hey, I liked it! Great writing!” does nothing to aid the author.

So what constitutes a good critique? An equal amount of praise and criticism, backed up by insightful comments. Point out things that work and things that don't work (in your opinion), and why. It's that simple.

Giving a Critique

Here are some general guidelines that you might want to take into consideration when offering feedback:

Things that were right about the story. What were the things that worked for you? Point them out and explain why. This is always a good way to start off a critique—on a positive note.

The Overall Story. Did it feel real and believable? Did it flow, one event after another? Was there a mood and did it fit in with the writer's voice?

The Characters. Were they believable? Did their interactions/conversation feel real/read smoothly? Did they capture your attention?

The Setting. Can you picture the surroundings the writer has placed his characters in? If not, where and why did the description lack? Did the writer use the majority of the senses, or only sight?

Grammatical and Mechanical. Any spelling or grammatical mistakes? Is active voice being used the majority of the time? Too many adjectives/adverbs that disrupt the flow of the piece?

Does anything else stand out as wrong?

It's usually a good idea to summarize your mentioned points at the end. Lean toward the positive. Encourage the writer in ways that will bolster his desire to work to improve his piece rather than give him reasons to abandon his project entirely.

Receiving a Critique

To have a piece picked apart isn't easy to take sometimes. You'd been working long and hard, after all, to make it sound good. However, if the critique is given in the honest spirit of helping you to improve, a gracious “thank you” is at the very least appreciated.

Here are some tips to help take a full critique:

Allow the critic's comments time to sink in. Once you've done this, do some research on anything you might have questions on, or ask the critic himself why he suggested something that he did. Sometimes keeping the lines of communication open can help dampen a tough critique.

Remember that in most cases, the critic is still learning as well. If you truly know you are right in a certain case, then say so. Nicely. The critic might learn something from you!

Weigh the comments. Keep in mind that every comment, unless it's something that needs to follow a certain writing rule, is really a critic's own opinion and should be treated as such with a respectful “thank you”. Giving a fair and balanced critique is time consuming; appreciation for the critic's time and effort is important.

Over time, you will gain more experience in deciding what advice is relevant to your work and which needs to be implemented in order to improve upon your piece. A good critique will make you think beyond your scope and broaden your horizons to other possibilities.

So just step back, breathe, and allow some time for the meaning behind the advice to come clear. Critiques do get easier to take as time goes on.

Basic Rules and Critiquing Etiquette

Consideration. It does not help a writer to receive a critique that tears the work to shreds. Think of how you would like to receive a critique and word comments accordingly. Don't forget to be respectful of a writer's style as well; just because you don't like the way something is worded doesn't necessarily mean it's wrong.

Refrain from profanity or personal attacks. The author's work is up for critique, not the author himself. Any comments should be directed at the work only. And under no circumstances should a critique be littered with swearing.

Remember, everyone is still learning.Offer comments as experienced opinions, not as gospel or law. No one has all the answers. It is often helpful to give comments from a reader's point of view, instead of a writer's point of view, since you are, in fact, acting as the author's reader and not as the author himself.

Give Constructive Comments. It helps to phrase comments as “Perhaps you could write/say it this way” or “Here's how I would write/say it. Maybe it could work here as well?” rather than “You have to do it this way”. One-liners like “Great writing! Keep it up!” are not helpful to a writer looking to improve.

Be honest. It does a writer no good to be told something's great when there is obvious need for improvement. Be honest, but be fair. No one likes to hear negative comments only.

Be thoughtful. Writing a critique takes time, care and thought. Never skim through something and try to offer in-depth comments. Make sure the work sinks in first and reread it if necessary in order to help yourself understand what the author is trying to convey. If you cannot find something nice to say about a piece, it's best not to say anything at all.

Official Posting Rules
Official Posting Rules


Remember to focus on the writing, not the person. Don’t use someone’s writing as an excuse to attack the person; the staff will not tolerate such behaviour. Before you click on the Post Reply button, imagine how you would feel to be on the receiving end of your critique. If you wouldn’t like it, it might be better not to post it.

Conversely, don’t take a criticism of your writing as a criticism of yourself. If someone flames you, report it, but if it's a criticism of your writing, you may not agree, but others are entitled to their opinion – just try to remember that’s all it is.

Ask not what the critics can do for you, ask what you can do to critique others. The more you critique others, the more critiques you will receive.


Critics are not your personal spell-checkers. Most word processing packages include a spell-checker, or you can download one from the internet, so try to use one. If your work is riddled with mistakes your spell-checker should have caught, it suggests that you don’t care enough about your work to edit it; and if you don’t care about it, why should anyone else? Similarly, there are many good guides to grammar, style, and punctuation. If you are serious about writing, you should own at least one – and consult it regularly. If you haven’t got one, or can’t afford one, the same information can be found for free over the internet, or you can visit our Reference Room.

Word Limits

All prose posts should aim for a maximum word count of 2,000 – 3,000 words. This is because very few members have the time to read and properly critique longer pieces.

Posts exceeding 3,000 will be removed and you’ll be PM’d to repost the work in smaller chunks. This will give you the opportunity to decide where to make the cut.

Posting Limits

Members can post a maximum of 3 pieces per week, poetry or prose. This restriction applies the following forums:
  • Fiction
  • Non Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Members Only Forum
  • Adult Forum

This means you can’t post more than 9,000 words of prose a week, less if you also post poetry. This is to prevent individual members from flooding the forum.

For those simply seeking a proofread of a completed story, chapter or article, which exceeds 3,000 words, please post these in Members Only, with the prefix: ‘proofread only’. These pieces should be as near perfect as possible, and still count toward your weekly posting limit.

If you exceed the posting limit within a rolling 7-day period the staff will remove the latest pieces and PM to let you know when you can post again.

The staff actively follow the posting guidelines, and we ask all members to do the same. If you spot something that’s outside of the guidelines please let us know using the ‘report post’ button. This helps us maintain fairness across the forum, and make sure everyone gets the help they need.

Introductory Paragraphs for Fiction:

We recognise that some people are looking for detailed critiques on their work while others are happy to have comments on the content or style only. So, in order to receive the sort of critique you would like, it is recommended that you include an introductory paragraph for works of fiction.

Introductory paragraphs should specify:
  • the genre of your work
  • the word count
  • whether it is a self-contained work or part of something larger
  • a recap for readers (ie where the story left off) if it is part of a serial work
  • information about any disclaimers (which should be present in the thread title)
  • whether you are looking for a detailed critique or more general comments

This last point is especially important if you do not want a detailed critique; preparing a critique can take a lot of time, and other members will not appreciate putting in the effort only to find it wasn't required.

Members Only Forum

The Members Only forum is the best place to post any work that you do not want to reveal to the public; it is only accessible to members. External search engines and bots do not have access. (First rights are protected as material posted in this forum is not legally 'published'.)

Newbies and Introduction Threads

No writing site is interested in one-hit wonders. To avoid these, we ask that new members post a thread in the Introduction forum. After that, they are required to make four more posts anywhere on the forums to reach five posts. After five posts, newbies can create threads in the Write Here forums.

Be sensible. Creating five introduction threads will not get you around the 5-post rule. Your threads will be deleted or merged, putting you back to square one. Similarly, posts along of the lines of “That was great” or “Keep up the good work” will be deleted.

We know you are in a hurry to post your own work for critique, but if you want established members to comment on your work, politeness dictates that you make an effort to comment on theirs.


Finally, if you post something for critique, please respond when you receive one. A simply thank-you is all that is needed, but do feel free to respond to comments you’ve received. Critics like to know when they’ve been helpful.

At the bottom right of everyone's posts, there is a "Thanks" button. This is a quick and easy little way to express gratitude to someone for a helpful post. When you thank someone for a post, their Thanks tally goes up one. If you look at the top right of a person's posts, or in their profile, you'll see that tally. It looks like this:

Thanks: 22
Thanks 62

The top one (with the colon) is the tally of Thanks the person has given, and the bottom is the tally of Thanks received. This person has thanked 22 posts, and been thanked 62 times. It's not a competition to see who's made the most useful posts, or anything like that, but just a nice, easy way to let somebody know you were helped by or enjoyed the post they made.

IMPORTANT: ALL PIECES POSTED IN THE WRITE HERE SECTION ARE ELIGIBLE FOR SELECTION FOR THE EDITOR'S CHOICE FEATURE. If you do not want your writing considered for publication in the Writer's Beat Quarterly, our public e-zine, please note 'NO EDITOR'S CHOICE' at the beginning/end of the posted work.

What is Writer's Beat Quarterly?
Writer's Beat Quarterly is the official quarterly publication of Writer's Beat made entirely by our members and staff, for our members and staff. We hold regular contests and other events to include your writing into the publication, so be sure to keep updated on all Writer's Beat contests and prompts.

Writer's Beat Quarterly includes contest-winning entries, articles, writing tips and advice, and various features.

We are always interested in article submissions. Please submit work for consideration to any of the staff via a Private Message.

We have gathered our past and present Writer's Beat Quarterly issues into one forum. You can download the issues by going here. We also link new issues in their announcement threads for your convenience.

Writer's Beat Contests
Writer’s Beat hosts a selection of contests for its members. Chief among these are the quarterly contests in Contest Central, and the Members’ Choice here. There is a Word Vault Flash Fiction contest in each issue of the Writer's Beat Quarterly, as well as other occasional contests.

Quarterly Contests

Registered members and staff of Writer's Beat can enter any, or all, of the quarterly contests. At the beginning of each quarter (shortly after the publication of the Writer's Beat Quarterly), new contest threads are posted. Members are invited to post their entries in these threads. Separate comment threads are also provided to discuss, critique, or praise contest entries.

A few rules:

* Only one entry per field is allowed per person (unless otherwise specified).
* Any post that is edited after submission will automatically be disqualified. Small typos can be corrected by staff--just ask!--but more comprehensive editing is unfair to other contestants.
* Entries must be posted in the designated threads. We will not accept entries through private messaging or e-mail.
* Where a contest has a word limit, penalties will be assigned when that limit is exceeded.

Before submitting an entry, participants are reminded to check that their submission follows the parameters set by the prompt. Also, a basic spell check should be performed on your entry before you submit it.

The closing dates for the contests are posted in the contest threads. Entries are judged by a general vote. All members may vote.

Members’ Choice Contest

The purpose of this contest is to allow members to select writing that they feel is most deserving of publication. So if you read something that knocks your socks off, this is your opportunity to share the experience.

This contest coincides with the publication of the Writer's Beat Quarterly. All work posted on Writer's Beat for the quarterly period prior to publication will be eligible for this contest.

A thread (with exact dates) will be posted across the forums for members to nominate any pieces they feel are worthy of publication; nominations should be posted with a link to the piece being nominated so others can read it. If you have trouble doing this, ask a staff member and we'll do it for you. About one month before publication of WBQ, a short list of the most frequently nominated pieces will be posted and voting will commence. The winner will be published in the next issue of Writer’s Beat Quarterly.

Word Vault Flash Fiction

This contest challenges you to take the interesting and obscure words from our Word Vault and put them into a short, entertaining story. Submissions for the Word Vault Flash Fiction contest should be sent to the staff in private messages. (This is to give more of a surprise to other members when the fiction is published.) The staff will collect and judge them behind the scenes.


In addition to publication in the Writer's Beat Quarterly, contest winners may get other fun perqs, like being invited to chose the theme of the next quarter's contest.

Editors’ Choice

Editors' Choice is not a contest, but every issue of the Writer's Beat Quarterly will feature at least one piece of writing selected by the editorial staff for its originality, skill or style. If you do not wish your work to be considered for Editors' Choice, please include a note to this effect in your original post. Your consent is always sought before publication, however, so you will have an opportunity at that point to decline.

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