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  1. No Flaming at the Dinner Table! (Intellectual Table Guidelines)
  2. American Culture
  3. Mohican’s Miscellaneous Meanderings
  4. Conthericy Spirists
  5. Still eating dog meat in Georgia?
  6. Do Religious Minds work differently than Atheists Minds?
  7. Traditional 'roles'
  8. Guns and flags.
  9. Observations on the Constitution from a West Virginia Gun Show.
  10. Equality For Women
  11. They could not find an average man
  12. Welcome (Back) to the Intellectual Table
  13. What should count as a sport?
  14. Gods and Guns
  15. Meaning of life
  16. UK in the EU
  17. Tay was a naughty, naughty ChatBot
  18. The Illuminati. fact or fiction?
  19. [Forked from Gods & Guns] On ownership, possession, and stakeholding
  20. Apple vs FBI
  21. Priorities
  22. To forbid fast food places like MacDonald's
  23. Democracy - as defined by the members of Writer's Beat
  24. Should the rich pay tax?
  25. Healthcare
  26. democracy and law: are they compatible?
  27. The Max Crash memorial Donald Trump thread!
  28. Basic Rights
  29. What subjects are missing from school ?
  30. Pornography.
  31. Age of consent.
  32. Why did American government acted with phobia against the mentioning of the word Comm
  33. the sixth sense
  34. How much we are our self's ,what is "our self" ,and how much we imitate
  35. christianity
  36. masculine versus feminine
  37. religion and love
  38. Is there an afterlife?
  39. Is politics and religion the same?
  40. U.S. Social Security ran a 6 trillion dollar deficit in 2015
  41. Is terrorism a modern concept?
  42. test
  43. minimum wage
  44. anima. right first and foremost
  45. Fact vs Faith: You can’t have both. Choose one.
  46. Religion and war
  47. A Rant: Let’s Bury God and Grow Up
  48. Are Crop Circles Evidence of Extraterrestrials ?
  49. Can we learn more about people by their works then by meeting them in person?
  50. How to effect system change in the US
  51. are all head of states ultimately corrupt?
  52. Ask the Questions
  53. Smart Phone Disease
  54. Evolution, macro and micro
  55. strip clubs
  56. Join a movement…
  57. atheism and religion
  58. Questions about Jesus Believers.
  59. Suggestion for all on WB
  60. Hillary: Half of Trump Voters are a Basket of Deplorables
  61. controversial material
  62. Donald Duck's Pimble
  63. The Status Quo and Me
  64. one institution less
  65. If American leadership were a bowl of Skittles...
  66. Jolie Pitt Split
  67. phobias
  68. Brexit: Reality or Myth?
  69. United Nations Building a Waste
  70. Genre busting writing exercise…
  71. What is the go with teenagers nowadays...?
  72. Is Evil an absence?
  73. Clinton and Trump Debate
  74. Which of the following are forms of terrorism...?
  75. ‘fetishes’ and ‘rituals’
  76. When being beautiful is ugly
  77. Death and Dying
  78. To vote or not to vote…
  79. World War III
  80. does sin make religion?
  81. The Big Explosion and the Definition of Life
  82. Alpha Males and Presidential Material
  83. Extended camping trips, Hobo Villages, Tent Cities, etc
  84. Aliens think we are too violent...
  85. Nobel Prizes