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  1. Old England in the 1800's
  2. Pneumonia
  3. Help for the colorblind...
  4. BBC Radio News Report
  5. Plane crash help please...
  6. Diner-Related Question
  7. 13 Pointed Star
  8. The opposite of a Hellmouth
  9. getting arrested
  10. Motor Bikes
  11. Precious stones
  12. Question regarding will and pulling the plug
  13. What is high school and teenage life like?
  14. Fiat 500
  15. Creepy Question about Little Girls
  16. Anyone into fishing? Or masochism?
  17. Explosives
  18. United Kingdom help Leeds
  19. Questions about Tattoos
  20. Detroit and Foster Homes
  21. Common street names for Legal Highs (UK Law)
  22. Robin Hood and the Middle Ages around 1160 - 1220
  23. Chinese Curses??
  24. Riverboats
  25. Writing books!
  26. Custody
  27. Ethnicity
  28. Ways to Research Culture of US Cities
  29. What's it like getting high on marijuana?
  30. What can you tell me about your experiences with alcohol?
  31. Do you know what a sea stack is ?
  32. Sandcastle Blackpool -1980s any memories
  33. Need help with neutron star physics
  34. Have a hard time finding information on Cryogenics
  35. Anyone here familiar with the music industry?
  36. Blindness
  37. Suggestions please - examples from Literature/Mythology
  38. Anyone with knowledge of flying aircrafts/airport workings?
  39. Aussie foster care system
  40. US Intelligence
  41. The 16th century
  42. Anyone from Denmark?
  43. American/British common knowledge
  44. Terrorist Organizations and their goals/objectives
  45. Surnames and orphans
  46. Battles/Beach invasion
  47. Battery gel?
  48. Gentlemen... what's this stuff called?
  49. How do you create a story?
  50. Spelling Issues
  51. Need Research Assistance For Two Topics
  52. Scottish Police force
  53. How would a child react to hearing the news their parents died?
  54. I'll be glad to answer any hacking-related questions.
  55. Forensic Science Questions...
  56. Ouch!
  57. Help on a pregnancy subject!!!!
  58. When does the ARE becomes the 'RE?
  59. Medical Questions - I am a Registered Nurse
  60. Blue Moon's and lycanthropy
  61. I don't want to be stereotypical
  62. Can anyone tell me what they know about freelance photography?
  63. Giving credit where credit is due
  64. Magic ( I know, I just need help)
  65. Putting yourself in the mind of a killer...
  66. Can reporters take photos of bodies?
  67. Books that have the killer POV?
  68. In an urban fantasy world.....
  69. Delusion about time?
  70. Writing a blind 12 year old
  71. CIA recruiting in colleges?
  72. Questions for my First-Time Readers?
  73. Cereals need answers too
  74. Just How Big Is The Internet?
  75. Research Advice Needed: Vintage Alarm Clock
  76. Childhood memory repression
  77. Legally Forced Redactions
  78. My Friend Needs to Know About Guns
  79. what's your advice?
  80. Rational Geographic
  81. A meeting place... And a smoking gun.
  82. Translation
  83. Automatic Abstraction Services
  84. Need Help Coming Up With a Reason for a Cold War
  85. Kawasaki Ninja 250R?